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        How many firefighters does Germany need? – Part 2

        June 18th, 2011

        In part 1, we have already taken a general look at what goals a fire department is expected to achieve and what effect this has on the deployable radius of the fire stations. Now we’re going to get down to the nitty gritty, and we’ll calculate how much personnel is necessary and how high the cost will be for the various different systems.

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        How many firefighters does Germany need? – Part 1

        May 5th, 2011

        Are we doing well or not so well? Do we have too many firefighters or not enough? With the help of a sample calculation, I would like to give you a sense of what is necessary and what the situation currently is in Germany.

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        TUIS-VR: Free Online Hazardous Material Training

        April 30th, 2011

        “Traffic accident involving trapped people in a truck with hazardous material.” That’s the goose bumps dispatch I got a while back that perfectly exemplified that the topic of hazardous materials doesn’t come up often, but when it does, it really hits hard. In order to be better prepared for such incidents, there is now an online training option for group leaders.

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        Attitude is What Matters

        April 25th, 2011

        Photo: istockphoto

        There are people who really shine when wearing a uniform, but not in terms of physical or mental achievement but rather in terms of their own ego. They were just ordinary citizens who in a matter of minutes turned into superpower firefighters who direct traffic and can really show other traffic participants the ropes.

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        Everything is Standardized, Even Fires

        March 21st, 2011

        Nowadays, almost everything is standardized, even the tiniest little fire. There is also the so-called “standardized fire.” But even if the word sounds a little dry and dull, it does happen to be an important way to compare fire extinguishers with each other.

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        Shoot Your Way Clear

        February 12th, 2011

        Here in Germany you would be scolded for spraying around too much during an interior attack, but other countries have a completely different approach. While visiting a US firefighter website, I came across “The Bounce,” a technique where the troops clear the way with their hose during an interior attack.

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        A Firefighter T-shirt Speaks Louder Than a Thousand Words

        February 6th, 2011

        It is a widespread preconception that Americans are superficial. But a small package from Pennsylvania proves otherwise.

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        When Flames Spread to a Neighboring House – It Doesn’t Take Long

        January 30th, 2011

        Source: Oberstdorf Fire Department

        While reading historical documents, it’s hard not to notice how many cities ended up in flames. In our highly technological world with its variety of fire protection regulations, this is practically unimaginable. But a major fire a few weeks ago in Oberstdorf proves that it doesn’t take long for a fire to get out of control.

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        Burnout Syndrome at Volunteer Fire Departments

        December 27th, 2010

        Burnout Syndrom Feuerwehr
        Source: istockphoto.com/feuerwehrleben.de

        During the first couple of years, most people are excited to be part of a fire department. But as they get older and their work life becomes more and more stressful, their motivation oftentimes drops. After many years at the same fire department, it’s possible that the opposite happens and the voluntary occupation suddenly is more of a burden.

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        Christmas Fire Departments

        December 24th, 2010

        Foto: Horst Reinelt

        Homeowners are not the only ones decorating their houses with lights during Christmas time, but numerous fire departments also use the holiday season to make their houses and vehicles a little more “Christmassy.” This is not only a nice treat for the neighbors and firefighters, but also a good model for publicity.

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